waiting on a brand new day

Sadie Saxton in season 4


♫ take a picture, i'm with the boys ♫


this video was a ride from start to finish

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  1. What’s your favorite drink? Iced tea
  2. Do you prefer period dramas to shows that have a modern setting? Nope
  3. What’s your favorite genre of music? Alternative
  4. Do you prefer mornings to evenings? Definitely not
  5. Do you know how to play an instrument? Yep, a few, actually
  6. Do you believe in miracles? Not really
  7. What’s your favorite hot dish? Spaghetti
  8. Do you wear makeup? Only lip gloss, mascara, and occasionally eyeliner
  9. Have you ever dyed your hair? Yep
  10. Do you believe that people can change? Absolutely
  11. What’s your favorite season? Summer

my questions:

  1. What is one thing you cannot stand?
  2. Have you ever been in love? If so, what was it like?
  3. What’s your favorite band?
  4. What is the longest amount of time you’ve gone without taking a shower?
  5. Do you believe in aliens?
  6. What’s your current favorite song?
  7. What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?
  8. What’s the nicest thing anyone’s ever done for you?
  9. How much would you be willing to pay to spend a day with your favorite celebrity?
  10. Do you like popsicles?

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France/Barcelona, June 2014 - Hawaii, March 2014


@anselelgort: Chillin rn w Dylan O’ Brian at the young Hollywood awards


@anselelgort: Chillin rn w Dylan O’ Brian at the young Hollywood awards



this video should come with instructions


horror movie synopsis

  • white family moves into house
  • the house got some shit in it
  • family refuses to acknowledge that they got some shit in they house
  • turns out that shit is some ultrashit